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Virtual Learning

An Introduction to Change Management

This online, 20-minute learning module includes excerpts from Kathy Dempsey’s award winning keynote and the SHED Style Assessment Tool™.

Learning Objectives:

• Introduce the concept of shedding and why it is a critical skill in today’s environment
• Recognize the 5 stages of change and how to move through them without getting stuck
• Overcome the number one barrier in leading and managing change
• Appraise how each person can more successfully deal with change by taking the SHED Style Assessment
• Learn 16 communication strategies for how to adapt your style and become 75% more effective
• Instill accountability by development of a personal action plan and Pledge to Shed (Includes downloadable Certificate of Completion)



Participants rave about the positive impact the Keep Shedding Programs have on their businesses and their personal lives.