• 12 wrist bands for $12.00. Pledge to do your part in creating and maintaining a positive healthy work environment by publicly declaring your goal to SHED complaining and negativity by wearing your "I'm Allergic to Negativity Wrist Band".
  • A straight forward and practical every day survival guide to help healthcare professional lead and master change. Every page is filled with practical strategies for immediate implementation at work and in life. Book includes a SHED Style™ Assessment Tool.
    This book is for Healthcare Professionals.
  • Everyone needs CPR! Locate these posters in places where your team will be reminded to Check in, Plug in, and Communicate. Two poster sizes are available. Click on one of these links to view and download: Letter Size or Tabloid Size.
  • Ignite your team with the skills and motivation to lead and master change. Designed for employees and managers. Each kit includes: • 10 Survival Guide Shed or You're Dead Books • 10 Reminder Lizards • 10 What Will You Shed Today cards • 1 Shedding DVD • 1 Rx Pad • 1 Bottle Shed Pills • 1 Lenny Award Certificate (unlimited reproducible license) A total value of over $300.00
  • 12 Little Lennys for $10.  These Little Lennys are great for keeping on your desk as a reminder to SHED!  Share with your colleagues and let Lenny help you stick to your commitment to SHED.
  • • Shed or You're Dead book • Inspirational Shedding Audio CD • RX Pad • Bottle Shed Pills • Lenny Jr.
  • • Shed or You're Dead Book • Survival Guide
  • Inspire your team with a SHED Workplace Negativity Day kit! For only $2 per person (plus shipping) you can motivate your team of 12 to SHED Workplace Negativity. Each package contains 12 green SHED Negativity wrist bands; RX for the Shedding Revolution Cards; SHED Pills; SHED Challenge Sign-up Sheets; Take the SHED Challenge Certificate; 10 Ways you can SHED workplace negativity without really trying poster; and, SHED Challenge Success Webinar.  Call for bulk pricing and bigger orders: 877-574-3366.
  • These peppermint candies are great reminders to keep shedding. RX - take one pill by mouth and dispense to others as needed. For the relief of: Above the Neck constipation, negative attitudes, toxic people and resistance to change.
  • Why Shed? Lizards grow by shedding their skin. If they don't Shed, they die! If humans and organizations don't shed, they die! We don't actually learn from life experiences. In reality, the learning comes in the reflection of our experiences. We all need to take time to reflect. Ask yourself these questions. Celebrate what you've SHED and discover what you need to SHED.
  • "Discover and Celebrate the Incredible You" through this powerful CD. Learn about the shedding philosophy, hear Kathy's dramatic AIDS story, vicariously live through Kathy's journey to Africa and learn the 10 lessons that provides powerful insights for your personal and professional life. Each lesson continues to uplift your soul with breathtaking pan flute interlude music. Many people listen to this on the way to work for inspiration. Others use it to begin staff meetings.
  • In the mid-80s, I experienced a life-changing event in which I was the first healthcare worker in the United States to be diagnosed HIV positive. Because of my AIDS incident I felt called to go to Africa and volunteered for a month in Zambia with orphans who had all lost their parents to AIDS. Little did I realize that in August of 2005, I would experience a journey that would forever transform and deepen my relationship with self, others and God. My traumatic experiences prior to arriving in Africa were God's way of preparing me for learning my greatest life lesson: GOD IS ENOUGH! This journal is created to guide you toward and enriched and deeper relationship with self, others and God.