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Healthcare Keynotes

Healthcare Organizations that Equip Employees to Shed Faster Will be the Ones that Survive and Thrive.

Millions of dollars and thousands of hours are lost each year due to the inability to get employees to move forward with healthcare changes. Why do 75% of all change efforts fail? Largely because people feel left out of the process and lack the skills, knowledge and motivation to adapt to the organization’s new systems, processes and procedures.

Can you imagine what your organization would be like if everyone could lead and master change? Healthcare organizations that equip their people to SHED faster  will be the ones that survive and thrive!

Kathy speaking at healthcare seminar

Shed or You’re Dead Keynote

Kathy’s most popular keynote session is packed with practical strategies for immediate implementation

Leave empowered to SHED for Success™ and:

• Embrace the concept of shedding and why it is a critical skill in today’s healthcare environment.

• Learn the 3 foundational R’s of shedding to stay positive, juggle multiple priorities and do more with less.

• Understand and conquer the 5 reasons why people resist change and won’t SHED!

• Overcome the number one barrier in leading and managing change.

• Increase your effectiveness by 75% by removing the biggest obstacles to a successful and sustainable change.

Strategic Shedding Celebration

In addition to the SHED Keynote, fast-track your results with a Strategic Shedding Celebration. It’s a critical component for accelerating organizational transformation. We’ll catapult your team into the future and celebrate your success and achievement of your goal IN ADVANCE.

Bring on the balloons, music, and sparkling grape juice. Then get ready for the media interviews asking, “How did you do it?” This prompts your team to reflect and share key steps they have taken to reach their goal. It’s an amazing and powerful exercise that has proven results with our clients such as Honeywell, Norton Healthcare and Verizon Wireless. (Some examples of what some companies have celebrated: J.D. Powers #1 in customer service, The Baldrige Award, or Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For.)

Shedding Celebration group photo

Five key reasons that many Fortune 500 companies and healthcare organizations participate in Strategic Shedding Celebrations.

  • It sparks motivation – people become engaged and excited about change.

  • Everyone helps create the plan and is focused on achieving it.

  • With buy-in at all levels, participants feel empowered to identify the steps they to reach a common goal

  • Universal cooperation means resistance to change dissipates and forward momentum intensifies

  • Strategic visualization fast-tracks corporate success

The Strategic Shedding Celebration is an amazing and powerful exercise for change. By catapulting your team – whether it’s 10 or 10,000 people – into a successful future, a Strategic Shedding Celebration will accelerate your success.

If Walt Disney did, you can too!
If your people can envision and celebrate it first they can make it happen!

On opening day in 1971, almost five years after Walt Disney’s death, someone commented to Mike Vance, creative director of Walt Disney Studios, “Isn’t it too bad Walt didn’t live to see this?”
“He did see this,” Vance replied simply. “That’s why it’s here.”

“I believe that every healthcare organization in this country could benefit from Kathy’s shedding message about leading change. She gives people permission to SHED! And if they don’t shed, healthcare costs and dysfunction in the workplace will increase!”

Al Cornish
VP Norton Health Care System

Bonus Keynote

Who Killed Communication

Experience this highly interactive engaging murder mystery that takes a closer look at what kills communication within organizations.

This session will help you identify the 9 characteristics of an outstanding communicator, understanding the barriers that prevent good communication and acquire 31 strategies for keeping communication alive!

Develop an action plan on improving your own workplace communication. By the end of the session, with everyone’s help the murder mystery is solved. Miss Communication (miscommunication) always kills communication!

Bring the Shedding Revolution to Your Organization