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Organizations Don’t Change. People Do. We can help!


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What would you organization be like if everyone could lead and mange change?

Join over 100,000 people from organizations such as Mayo Clinic, Verizon Wireless, and Honeywell who are are utilizing the Revolutionary Shedding Philosophy to create CHANGE READY organizations. Keep Shedding! Inc.’s proven model of success incorporates practical change management tools to empower your employees to SHED old paradigms and bring more joy to their work and life.

Only 17% of organizations hire and train their people to embrace and manage change.  The fact that you are reading this now, means you know that being in that 17% is the difference between successful change management and more wasted resources and frustration.

How to Lead Change


Audiences are engaged by the experience, executives see the results.

Change Management

Kathy ignites audiences with her interactive keynote presentations — a catalyst for people walking out different than they walked in.

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No healthcare organization can thrive unless staff can SHED.

Find The Answers

Thousands of hours are lost due to the inability to get employees to accept healthcare changes. Equip people with skills to change. 

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Faith Based

It's hard for people to adapt new thinking if they are full of old habits.

Let go of old thinking

Kathy shows people how to SHED the things that are no longer serving them so that they can embrace messages of hope and possibility.

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SHED principles will help effectively with change and accelerate growth.

Join the revolution

Lizards grow by shedding. If they don’t Shed, they die! If humans don’t shed, they die!  Connect to the resources to help you SHED.

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